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What Is 2BITS?
2Bitscoin Bringing The Hemp Industry To The BlockChain helping poor Communities become self-sufficient independent not relying on outside investments to be stable.

Who We Are
We are a Community-Driven blockchain that will focus on being a Multi Wallet Asset Exchange, Marketplace allowing members to vote on upcoming projects built upon the blockchain. If this sounds interesting please come by and join our community we are doing giveaways as a promotional right now. Learn about industrial hemp and blockchain and earn cryptocurrency at the same time

We are a Brand new Coin that will bring a new player with unlimited power and possibilities, With the idea of helping each other learn about hemp in hopes it will spread like a wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life. More and more products are being designed, this is the time we get the ball rolling. We will help direct communities in researching Industrial Hemp to develop new jobs and products. 2BITS platform and having the community backing will allow us to work on building the network up and getting the software in the fields. Our coin will mint to support our special build data center miners to connect

2BITS Facts
Our project is a community-built blockchain making our 2Bitscoin community grow easier and faster propelling the industrial hemp industries. It allows us to handle hundreds of transactions per second, connecting the chain to have complete transparent transactions satisfying all parties of the business. As we grow our development team will work on implementing new features. The Community will be open source no Ico or Investments will be done. We are going to build a working product and get the transaction to occur over the blockchain before we should on an exchange

Decentralize Industrial Hemp Marketplace that will allow members to get involved easily in the hemp industry.
We have an asset Exchange with a built-in tokens creator allowing physical products to be attached to an asset
Are voting and message system will allow communication between all the different departments required to grow and develop products to be sold online & in stores
We will be creating reward systems to be used in-game currency and a crypto kitty style Industrial Hemp game that will all be handled on our blockchain
Forging allows you to put up your coins to use to secure the network in return you will get transaction fees when your points are used.

2BITS Specifications

Number of coins in the on Hold (Still to be determined - 10% NXT Fork fund)
POS,POM (2Bitscoin Blockchain)
Block interval: 60 seconds
Max emission of coins: 1,000,000,000 2BITS

Full Description
2BITSCOIN blockchain is the future of industrial hemp and Technology we are taking a vintage slang word for a quarter. We would like to bring back quality products that are sold for a fair price. Building a system and all parties who interact on the blockchain will benefit from each other allowing Rewards giveaways Point systems to be more accurate when rewarding customers based on the set stipulations. We will be a physical coin eventually attaching each coin that is made to physical coins. So in-store you will be able to carry your coins and place them on the counter so the cashier can swipe them over the scanner completing your order.

Since we have no Ico and will not accept any investments from any parties we will be a garage-built community starting with nothing working our way up one day at a time. Everybody who participates in the community will have opportunities to do tasks bounties join discussions, where they can learn about industrial hemp and blockchain, can get paid cryptocurrency for doing so. Making articles videos blogs about our community is a way to earn basically anything that you can do to express what we are doing in our community will earn you coins.

We are working with ready companies to distribute CBD other Industrial Hemp products to get them listed on our Marketplace what we will do in our first phase is get orders processed locally but done through our blockchain as a ledger to keep track of all of the transactions. I will start by selling 1 to $2 products and fulfilling a few orders of our 50 to $60 items and store the money made from those purchases in a Bitcoin wallet to give value to our cryptocurrency. Eventually, we will be purchasing land and acquiring a permit to grow industrial hemp so we can start processing it into many different materials and products that will be sold on our Marketplace. The community will be growing all of these projects built within our blockchain by participating in community workshops projects and discussion meetings. Our voting messaging system will allow us to get feedback from the customers directly after they purchase a product allowing them to receive rewards for giving that feedback. Polls can be created so Merchants and inventors can see exactly what the customers are looking for and we'll be able to keep all of the data they collect by the way that they set up the polls more details about this feature and other features will be explained in the future updates.

We are a garage start type of community and only have three developers working right now we could use more like-minded people on the project if you're interested please feel free to join our Discord Channel. We are multi-ethnic allow other community that is focused on bringing a decentralized blockchain that will help poor communities be self-sufficient independent not relying on outside investors to keep their Community stable.

The wallet will be set up to allow other cryptocurrencies to be stored on a private key inside of our wallet will focus on getting these features implemented next year after we get more funding. A multi-currency wallet will make it easy for anybody using cryptocurrencies to purchase 2bitscoin from the Marketplace It does not store your phrase in a data file anywhere so you will have more security when using our custom wallet import plugin.

Official Links

Discord: https://discord.gg/8yTn6mT
Github: https://github.com/2BitsCoin/2bc
Website: https://hempyshub.com
Official Forums: Adding Soon
Android app: Adding Soon
Latest Wallet: https://multifilemirror.com/nscmhc940v4f/2bitscoin-windows-64-jvm.zip.html

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